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About us

Our mission

Our mission is to connect everyone who works with product development and strategic purchasing with suppliers to make product development in the engineering industry even smarter, more efficient and advanced. Parallel to Advanced Engineering, the established and popular Electronics fair is also arranged – a proven success concept that contributes to important synergistic effects! Don’t miss your chance for being part of our trade fair and being in the center of the engineering & manufacturing industry. In parallel with Advanced Engineering, the established and popular trade fair Elektronik is also arranged – a proven success concept that contributes to important synergy effects!


Successful product development often involves countless decisions to reach optimal solutions and its functionality. As opportunities become more and more complex, it is a challenge to make the right choice and find the right suppliers.


The word “advanced” symbolizes the complexity of the task that product developers and strategic buyers face today. To simplify the difficult task of finding your way in the midst of components, materials, and technology, we have gathered exhibitors from the entire product development to make your product idea a reality.

Global expertise - local network

Advanced Engineering originated in Birmingham, UK, where the fair premiered back in 2008. The concept has now been established across Europe and has become an obvious player among fairs in the engineering and manufacturing industry. For several years now, Advanced Engineering has been a valued and well-attended fair in Gothenburg, and in 2022 the fair was launched for the first time in Stockholm. Our global connection ensures that we are on the right track and gives us the opportunity to capture international influences – An important part of our success story.

Focus Area 2022

After careful consideration and input from the industry, before the fair 2022, we have chosen to dive deep into three focus areas; Materials, Smart Manufacturing & Human Centricity.
Read more about each area below.

Materials play a crucial role in product development. The requirements are still high and today’s products must be light, smart and strong and at the same time durable. Material is one of the fair’s obvious and recurring focus areas that has been much appreciated over the years. Therefore, the area will also be important for Advanced Engineering in Stockholm 2022.

The industry is facing a major transition to a more connected, digitized and automated one
manufacturing. The manufacturing companies must adapt to meet the increasing competition, constant fluctuations in the market and the customer’s high demands. Smart Manufacturing is therefore an appreciated focus area for everyone who wants to digitize and connect their manufacturing. Here you dive into areas such as; AI, connected machines, IoT, digital twin, cyber security, AR, VR, preventive maintenance.

Human Centricity is connected to the newly started competence square and together these two special areas form anchor points on the exhibition floor that exist to promote the talents and innovators of the future. Adopting a human-centric approach is one of the ambitions in industry 5.0 and finding the right skills, attracting new and managing existing staff is a challenge for many Swedish industrial companies. Therefore, before 2022, we have chosen to raise the Human Centricity focus area for everyone who wants to further develop in their current role or find new skills for their business.

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