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Smart stand solution for every budget

1. Choose stand package

We have smart stand solutions with a basic idea that it should be simple, fun and efficient to exhibit. Therefore, your stand will be ready when you arrive. This means that you instead can focus on what you are actually here to do – business! Choose between our three standard packages below or contact us and and we´ll create a solution that fits you perfectly. 

Classic Stand

Stand up to 36 sqm


White walls
One spotlight/4 sqm
One electrical outlet 230W
Basic fee
Two chairs
A table
Sign with company name

XL stand

Stands over 36 sqm

xl monter

Basic fee
White walls
1 spotlight/4 sqm
1 hockey lamp/10 sqm
One electrical outlet 230W
2 low chairs
1 low table
Storage room (1×2 m) ink door & lock
Brochure Tower
1 high table
2 high chairs
1 disk
Sign with company name

Startup Stand

For start-ups


10 places (3sqm – 1×3 sqm)
Place for rollup


Digital marketing packages

2. Choose marketing packages

EasyGo is a marketing package that with the latest technology in digital marketing. Increase your exposure and maximize your ROI. Choose from one of our four packages:


Promote your company profile.


Generate maximum with leads and deepen your customer relationships.


Generate maximum leads and increase your visibility online.


Generate maximum leads and increase your visibility online.

Become sponsor and be top-of-mind

3. Choose sponsor packages

Sponsor lanyards

Be visible around the neck of all of our visitors by sponsoring the lanyards.

Sponsor fair guide

Sponsor the fair guide, a favorite that you will find in the hand of almost every visitor at the fair.

Sponsor the mingle

Sponsor the popular industry mingle

Sponsor the stage

Become "top of mind" by being seen in the fair's most visited place, the stage!
Ready to book sponsorship?

The most attractive sponsorship packages disappear quickly. Get in touch and we´ll create a solution that suits you.


Do you want to talk more about a solution that is tailored just for you? Contact us below and we will get back to you soon!