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Protolabs – Digital production
Faster product development, reduced costs and optimized supply chain.
We are the world’s fastest source for digital manufacturing with fast prototypes and production parts made on request. Our automated quotation and production systems enable us to produce commercial, plastic, metal and liquid silicone rubber parts of commercial quality within a few days.
Our founder, Larry Lukis, was a software engineer who reinvented the injection molding industry two decades ago by taking the whole process apart and rebuilding it into a more scalable, economical and software-first way. Since then, we have applied the same automation framework for CNC machining and industrial 3D printing to provide tens of thousands of engineers worldwide with unparalleled value in terms of time to market. But we don’t stop there.
Like many of our customers, we have a natural understanding of technology, innovation and new product development. We appreciate the importance of challenging the current situation and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. That is why we created Protoworks, an R&D lab with the mission of continuing to look for ways to develop and improve manufacturing processes, by making them digital, scalable and more economical.
Our Protoworks team consists of software developers, mechanical engineers and manufacturing experts who all want to expand Protolab’s manufacturing capabilities and develop new processes and materials for our customers so that they can develop prototypes and launch new products in the market earlier and more cost-effectively than before.

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