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Racemore Sweden AB

Racemore Sweden AB

Om oss

We decided to take the feeling of driving into a simulator. A simulator that gives a feeling so strong that you cannot distinguish it from reality. Our motto in development was to not build a gaming machine, instead build a machine that is indistinguishable from a real driving experience. It became the simulator RACEMORE GT 600. An incredible machine with more than 900 kg of motion and power! A simulator that gives you the feeling of reality.

A “real-world” simulator experience.

Now they stand there in our garages, with the same varnish as the cars of our dreams. They are beautiful, impressive, powerful, brutal, and we are infinitely proud of what we have accomplished. And now we want to invite you to experience the feeling of driving desirable cars in extreme situations – contact us at RACEMORE, this simulator will be the experience of a lifetime.




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