Zara Zamani

Zara Zamani is the Chief Solutions Officer (CSO) of the leading Nordic blockchain company, ChromaWay and Co-Founder of Neoki Metaverse. She has multiple years of experience in designing blockchain platforms in tourism, healthcare, logistics, foodchain, energy, gaming, DeFi, DAOs, and now metaverse and fashion industries.

She has also been involved highly in the development of innovative investment models in crypto space. She was featured as one of the 21 women in the blockchain you should know in 2021 by Fintech Review and the 10 most influential women in technology in 2021 by Analytics Insights. as well as 10 most inspiring women leaders in 2022 by SuccessPitcher. She has both practical and theoretical knowledge as she is also a Ph.D. researcher and lecturer in blockchain adoption at university of Halmstad, Sweden.

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