Breakfast Seminar – Sustainability and exponential tech

Rebecka Carlsson, Hållbarhetsentreprenör

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Sustainability has just begun and the next 100 years will correspond to 20,000 years of technological development. What will this mean for your business development?

Technology development and climate change are mega trends that will affect business more than anything else in the coming decades. How can we understand where different technologies are heading and based on that information make better decisions today? While technological developments are turning upside down on most business models, sustainability is becoming a disruptive force. In just three decades, the world economy will be completely climate neutral, but what are the business opportunities?

In this lecture, Rebecka Carlsson shares tech insights from Singularity University and NASA as well as providing a crash course in sustainable development and the more exciting business opportunities that arise when climate change and exponential technologies meet.


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